Residential Tract and Multi-family

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Framing in single and multi family planned communities composes the majority of Magnum Builders' work load. The fast pace world of tract home and multi family construction requires efficiency in the field as well as in the office.

Years of experience managing framing crews allow us to operate at the pinnacle of efficiency and speed when working on our customers' tight schedules. We understand that every day lost or gained on a customer's schedule affects their bottom line which is why we keep New Mexico's most well seasoned residential carpenters on hand.

OSHA compliance is strictly adhered to on all of our jobs. In-house safety audits are performed for our framers weekly at all sites in an effort to continue to improve safety compliance. We also have a have a full time safety crew to set up and remove scaffolding systems for our workers. In 2 story conditions we erect temporary fall protection not only for our workers, but for public safety as well.