silicone Roofs

Stop roof leaks today! Save money, time and aggravation.

Avoid time-consuming and costly tear-offs while extending the life of your roof.

  • Great for flat and low-sloped roofs.
  • Withstands permanent ponding water.
  • Decades of proven performance and protection. Guaranteed.

Avoid time-consuming and costly tear-offs!

There?s no need to tear off and replace your weathered and leaking roof. By re-covering, you save on labor costs and avoid landfill expenses, plus your existing roof can be re-covered without any interruption to your normal business operations.

By comparison, a liquid silicone coating is a relatively low-cost solution that can extend the effective life of a roof for years. siliconee roof coatings are popular for some of the same reasons that high-quality siliconee caulk is. Gaco siliconee products retain the ability to remain flexible and maintain adhesion in a high UV environment for many years.

Extend the life of your roof.

Innovative silicone technology provides a seamless weather-tight seal that protects the substrate against ultraviolet light and severe weather, eliminates common sources of leaks and withstands permanent ponding water.

Labor and material warranties available.

Decades of proven performance and protection. Guaranteed.

In conclusion, silicone roof coatings provide superior UV resistance, high reflectivity and strong adhesion, and the manufacturer backs up its products with an impressive 50-year warranty. Learn more about the advantages of a siliconee restoration membrane from the experts at Magnum Builders of New Mexico.

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